Wonders of modern neuro-sciences: Mind transfer in the making

Telepathy progress

Nothing new though, considering your daily brainwashing.

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World Cup 2014 Brazil : Germany -> 1:7

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Happy new year

I guess I am little late here, but I wish you all a happy healthy new year and some good profits for the year to come.

So what’s next?


a) I plan to release a new update for O-Bajazoo 3D HD (see for more infos

b) I am quite confident to release a public beta for Arcade Affair anytime soon.

c) I’ll dive deeper into crypto currency trading

and d) I have to make some changes in the About page. This page is too bloated and full of weird spelling issues and freaks me out as it is. I also need to make some better pictures of myself. I am usually depressed and pissed but actually not that much and certainly not every single day.

That’s it for now.



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EURUSD it oscillates baby!

Just a short update for us Forex traders.

I guess I predicted the outcome of the Euro crises quite well in late 2011. Of course the Euro still exists, the upset-industry cashed in some money from creating and riding an artificial hoax, Merkel did the pony jump and EURUSD flipped back to its casual oscillation range. Tension means profit. Business as usual.

EURUSD: 2013 Sep 02

EURUSD: 2013 Sep 02


Back on track with fail2ban and OSSEC HIDS

Recently I noticed continuous DDOS attacks on the MobileChicks.Co main server.

And I’ve learned that this seems to be an enduring state, even on Linux server machines nowadays.  Just like annoying spam have attacks on your property become some sort of background noise. However I can’t imagine how to adopt that criminal behavior to the real world. It would be like observing an individual from your house window constantly trying to unlock the doors of your car. How would you behave in that situation, if you simply can’t find anyone that seems to be responsible for the protection of your property and the punishment of the bad guys?

I’ve searched and found fail2ban quite suitable [1]. This script does what I had done manually, it adds IP Adresses to the firewall (iptables) to be blocked. It actually looks in the log files like /var/log/auth.log for ssh to identify intrusion trials. But it provides much more than only ssh port protection.

I also ran into OSSEC HIDS [3] which is a much more user friendly host-based intrusion detection system and which provides extraordinary monitoring features for server clusters.

Don’t you believe in daily internet crimes against the property of others? So just have look at the offender lists of the fail2ban reporting service. And yes of course, most computers from which attacks have been initiated were hijacked and assimilated beforehand. Hackers constantly try to increase the pool of their Bot-networks.


[1] fail2ban. Automatic iptables software.

[2] fail2ban reporting service.


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Walter Möers does it again

Who doesn’t know about master-pieces like “Das kleine Arschloch” and alike? I grew up with Walter Moers moving “Literature” that changed the world of philosophers world-wide and I found out that he’s doing it again.

I just want to use this space to promote his newest upcoming movie, which seems to be crowd-funded:

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Servers down for a while

Sorry dudes, is down due to another attack from China Mainland.

I am tired of this and I am up to block any Chinese traffic asap.

I am currently up to get the servers back at 12:00 CET


Standard Protocol Of Engagement

Tolerance Level

Medium. Answer needs at least 10 messages to take effect.

Action (Message)

An initial non-distributed DOS Attack from IP caught at around 2013-May-21 05:00cet.

Reaction (Answer)

Traffic Blockage of China Mainland IP network addresses.

Reaction Reason

Multiple attacks from a network on the autonomy of an entity that is within the reach and boundary of the protective circuit.

What’s next

Servers may be back online 21st May 2013, 12:00cet (24hour clock)

Update Notes

(Update 2013-May-22) I heard about a rumor of a targeted attack campaign especially against “western” small businesses. I was told that the DDOS Attacks increased significantly in a matter of weeks and that this might be a sort of constant attacks, just like spam. So yeah, it’s an issue, it’s a political thing, as it’s resource consuming and brings smaller servers down to the knees, which in the end costs money and jobs. And yeah it pisses me off. I knew about Windows RDP DDOS attacks and I guess now these crap-heads, script-kiddies and suspicious personalities found their pleasure in Linux/Unix SSH attacks. These guys cost you innovation and wealth. Overwhelming software piracy, digital robbery of any kind and security/resource hogging activities. And the ISPs in these countries do NOTHING about it, they do even finance this crap. They give a damn about licenses, moral or “netiquette”. While I as honest western citizen have to pay thousands into a business that can get easily knocked out by a bunch of worms. I consume, I pay taxes for protection. So where is the authority? Where is the police? Where are the paladins in their golden armor suit saving my property and autonomy?

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